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Many enterprise PIM solutions fall short of what end users and customers truly need. Design for Retrieval (DFR), our state-of-the-art PIM solution was designed to provide a lightweight usability experience powered with key features such as a flexible and easy-to-maintain foundational data model, a workflow engine to govern key processes and data quality, and analytics and reporting to make your product data actionable across the business. Global search functionality makes it easier for product managers to locate the SKUs they need, maintain them, and get them to market quickly. Looking to capitalize on these new capabilities? Convergence Data's PIM can help you to meet your revenue goals and accelerate time to market for your SKUs —in a platform that is easy to learn and maintain and aligns with your team's business goals.

Powerful Outcomes: leverage Your Product Data in new ways

Looking to gain velocity in how your team introduces its SKUs and brings them to market? Design for Retrieval (DFR) can help!

Over the years, speed to market has proven to be a key differentiator for businesses - whether they've been around for generations or are just getting off the ground. Our leading PIM solution can unlock the potential of your business goals!

Here’s how DFR can help you get to market quickly.  


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Product Information Management (PIM)

Centralize your product data with a flexible, user-friendly taxonomy and digital catalog that is easy to maintain and scales dynamically with your business .

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Pre-PIM/PLM Data Staging

Already have a PIM but your data isn't ready? No problem! Cleanse, organize, and stage your data upstream in DFR with our easy-to-use solution and send it on to your PIM.

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SKU Build, Data Fill, and Enrichment

Don't have enough staff to help? Our Data Services team can do the heavy lifting for you as they build, cleanse, and ready your SKUs for publication.

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Analytics, Dashboards & Cost Savings

Good data intrinsically has value! Make your product data even more valuable and actionable using DFR's reporting, analytics, and clustering module.

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Product Classification Workflow Management

Our powerful workflow engine can govern new product introduction, enrichment, and supplier onboarding processes, driving data quality across your business.

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Digital Asset Management

Organize and manage your product images, files, and related metadata to promote findability and SKU enrichment.

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2022 State of Industrial Marketing

Get the latest scoop on key trends among industrial manufacturers as they traverse the gap between digital capabilities and customer expectations in our recently released report. >>> Access Our Report

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Looking to improve your product Data?

Not all PIM solutions are created equal. Many are rigid and require manual effort to scale your business and meet eCommerce objectives. Learn more about our solution!  >>>Download Our PIM Brochure

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Explore How Convergence Data Can Work For You

Since 2001, we have been providing our clients with the enriched product data that was missing from their business strategies.

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Varied Industry Experience

Convergence Data has diverse industry specializations, including aerospace and defense, automotive and industrial products, HVAC, electronics, and oilfield and gas services. >>> Learn more

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Data Management for Marketing

Let Convergence Data cleanse and optimize your PIM system's data for a digital marketing strategy.

>>> Learn more

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Parts and Product Data for Engineers

Get enriched and more accurate parts data to optimize your PLM software for part reuse and cost savings. >>> Learn more


Your Data, Enhanced for Ecommerce

Dominate your market with an ecommerce web presence that offers highly organized, accurate product data—enhanced with helpful images. >>> Learn more



For 20+ years, Convergence data has been making it easier for teams to find and reuse parts, expose cost savings in parts spend, provide side-by-side comparisons of products versus competitors, and more.

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With the use of Convergence Data’s data services, your organization will be able to leverage its information all while enriching it at the same time. Our team provides a “best-in-class” schema for all your parts that will clean your data and allow it to do more. 


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