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Regardless of your industry or role, today’s connected workforce has big demands of your data. It must be accurate, complete, and organized. It must be easily accessible, yet ready to integrate to a new system of record when needed. It should tell you cost-savings secrets about your parts and products, and reveal opportunities to harvest competitive intelligence for market-leading success.


This is a lot to ask of your data set. Does it measure up? Let Convergence Data help.

Our Proven Process

No matter the type of service, our project support philosophy is simple: Support you through each step of your unique data project with our best-in-class software and service. Here’s how we do it.

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1. Define & Plan

We leverage our years of experience to help you define the best data model for your organization, establish policies and governance, and guide you in planning your data project goals.

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2. Identify Necessary Services

We provide trusted guidance to help identify which data services best suit the goals of your project to efficiently achieve the project outcome(s).

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3. Validate Your Data

We provide training and support to help you manage and validate your data, ensuring comprehensive data service results.

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4. Integrate the Data

We use our system and software to integrate the correct dataset for import into the designated system(s) without issue.

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5. Analyze & Report

We provide training and support to help your team analyze and report on your newly  cleansed and enriched data, helping you make business decisions that can increase parts re-use, reduce spend, and improve inventory management.

Discover Our Services

From ecommerce readiness to PLM integration, our data management services will ensure your parts and product data is optimized for whatever comes next.

Data Services


We provide a “best-in-class” schema for your parts through a detailed attribute profile and category structure. Our process will clean, validate, and normalize your existing data, facilitate system-of-record imports, and harvest new information from even your most limited data sets.

Bottom line? We’ll improve the data you have, and enrich it to do more. Let’s get to work.

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Competitive Intelligence 


So, your competitors are edging you out in the market, and you can’t figure out their “secret sauce.” Not anymore. Smart Teardown, our proprietary competitive intelligence tool, creates a customizable dataset of the components your competitors have—and helps you fill the gaps. And use our Design For Retrieval™ (DFR) software and SmartFind search function to create a robust database of side-by-side comparisons on critical features or entire product lines.

Time to get ahead.

Design For Retrieval™ (DFR)


Our proprietary data management software, Design for Retrieval (DFR), is a custom-built software that provides a one-stop solution for cleansing, enriching and validating your parts data.

Catalog your products and parts, prepare your data for a PDM or ERP systems migration, and your product data for customer-facing websites, search engines, and cost-reduction material sourcing initiatives.

Stop relying on Excel to manage your robust parts data. You can do more.

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Image Services


A major component of ecommerce and PDM success lies in what seems like a minor detail: the images of your parts and products. But too many businesses face the same struggles. Poor-quality, missing, incomplete, and unedited images that make their data management systems ineffective.

Let us take this project off your hands with our expert image editing team, who can do everything from removing backgrounds to changing file types.

What Our Clients Have To Say


Since 2002, Convergence Data has been helping its customers collect, humanize, and validate their data for a range of unique needs. 

CD’s Tool, DFR, is very useful for providing a staging environment for data harvesting, data validation, and approvals.

EPMO Manager


Convergence Data was able to "pick up the pace" in critical and urgent situations.

Project Manager


Great tools! Love the constant improvement Convergence Data is always making.

IT Manager


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Pricing You Can Feel Confident In.

Explore our pricing below. Our Silver self-service includes 1 user and no integrations. Our Gold support includes up to 50 users and 1 integration, and our Platinum support offers unlimited users and 3 integrations.

Silver Gold Platinum
Unlimited Data
Access to Training Materials
Documentation and Videos
Access to Trainer
Meetings with DFR Admin
PLM Export Formats Included (WC, Siemens, etc)

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