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Our data services and SaaS software are specifically designed for HVAC companies that struggle with rigid enterprise solutions, data models that are difficult to update, and sprawling legacy data.

Customers hire us because:


  • We're a one-stop shop for product and parts classification and cleansing.
  • We provide hands-on classification training, videos, and support.
  • We build lasting relationships to help maintain quality data in perpetuality.
  • We have a depth of HVAC experience including work with a majority of the top OEMs.

Our Clients

Convergence Data has over two decades of expertise supporting HVAC enterprise teams and their most critical asset– their data!

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01 Apr 2024, 1 PM

Manufacturer Parts, Data Cleansing, Parts Classification, Data Classification, HVAC, Regulatory Compliance, Data Policies, HFCs, Refrigerants, Data Governance, Aerospace

Navigating the Data Maze: Driving Compliance...

In a world where technology constantly improves our products and services, there is no surprise when the changes result in updates to regulations across various industries. Whether the regulations...

14 Nov 2023, 3 PM

Cleansing Data, Classification, Spend Rationalization, Ecommerce, PIM, Taxonomy, HVAC, Product Data, Service Parts, Aftermarket Parts, Procurement, Digital Commerce, Sourcing, Mergers & Acquisitions, Product Information Management, Distributor, OEM, Data Integration, Digital Thread, Digital Transformation, Acquisition Onboarding

Common OEM and Distributor Data Challenges: 2023...

💪 For OEMs and Distributors, staying competitive in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape is crucial. With the rise of eCommerce and digital initiatives, customers and channel partners now...

10 Apr 2023, 8 PM

Classification, Analytics, Part Standardization, Product Structures, Ecommerce, PIM, Taxonomy, HVAC, Engineering, Product Data, Aftermarket Parts, Digital Commerce, Data Management, Component Data, Distributor, Purchased Parts, OEM

4 Reasons to Have an HVAC Industry Standard Data...

🍃 In the HVAC industry, having a foundational data model for purchased parts, service parts, and products can be a game-changer. Its critical to use an industry standard data model to make it...

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