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Convergence Data offers a variety of data services to help your organization leverage its existing information and enrich it by harvesting new data. We provide a best-in-class schema for all your parts through a detailed attribute profile and category structure. Our process will: 


  • Clean, validate and normalize your existing data to ensure continuity.
  • Re-import the updated data into your current or new designated system for optimal use.
  • Harvest new information from even your most limited data sets, allowing your engineering, procurement, and other teams to use it more effectively.

Data Services that Do More

We cleanse your existing data set, harvest information from it, and enrich it with new information so you’re able to utilize it more efficiently. Here’s how we do it.

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Data Cleansing

We use our Design For Retrieval software to systematically find and identify data that may be duplicated, incorrect or incomplete and make corrections to the dataset.

CD_Our Solutions > Data Services_Data Harvesting

Data Harvesting

Our data services team performs research that provides the most complete amount of information for your dataset. The more you know about your parts and product data, the better decisions you can make as an organization.

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Data Validation

We use our Design For Retrieval software to run a series of validation scripts on your data to ensure the information is normalized and formatted properly. DFR allows for multiple sets of validation to accomplish PLM & PIM formatting efficiently, without the use of additional tools.

CD_Our Solutions > Data Services_Data Normalization

Data Normalization

Our data services team reviews the data and given attributes to ensure it’s presented in the format that maximizes the use of the information for your company. We create continuity in your data that can be enforced with data validation and governance.

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Get Started With a Data Value Analysis (DVA)


DVA is Convergence Data’s proprietary cost savings report, 

enabled by our Design For Retrieval software. 


Our process will identify inconsistent and incomplete parts data, align attribute data for better parts comparison, identify preferred parts, and save money on suppliers. A DVA shows how data cleansing can save your company significant money by:


  • Enhancing inventory utilization.
  • Reducing administrative costs of new parts.
  • Improving designers’ effectiveness.
  • Increasing purchasing leverage.

Migrate Your Data Into Your PLM or PIM


Many PIM & PLM migrations don’t go as planned, often because system vendors don’t put ample resources into integration. But our team of experts improves the process and ensures a smooth migration.


Convergence provides robust capabilities for migrating data for PLM & PIM. Our approach is based on using agnostic software that doesn’t depend on where the data is coming from or going to. 

CD_Our Solutions > Data Services_Migrate to ERP
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Flexible and Convenient Training Services


Convergence Data offers training support for your short-term project goals and long-term data needs. Not only will using our software allow for efficient project execution, but its greatest benefit is long-term use to enforce governance and policies—so your data is managed correctly, all the time. 


Our training services are flexible:


  • We offer instructor-led sessions at your site or ours—whichever is preferred and most convenient.
  • We train according to the plan established at the beginning of the project using our training curriculum.
  • We offer retraining and new training for new team members.
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Explore How Convergence Data Can Work For You

Since 2001, we have been providing our clients with the enriched product data that was missing from their business strategies.

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Varied Industry Experience

Convergence Data has diverse industry specializations, including aerospace and defense, automotive and industrial products, HVAC, electronics, and oilfield and gas services. >>> Learn more

CD_Image Services > Marketing

Data Management for Marketing

Let Convergence Data cleanse and optimize your PIM system's data for a digital marketing strategy.

>>> Learn more

CD_Image Services > Engineering

Parts and Product Data for Engineers

Get enriched and more accurate parts data to optimize your PLM software for part reuse and cost savings. >>> Learn more


Your Data, Enhanced for Ecommerce

Dominate your market with an ecommerce web presence that offers highly organized, accurate product data—enhanced with helpful images. >>> Learn more



For 20+ years, Convergence data has been making it easier for teams to find and reuse parts, expose cost savings in parts spend, provide side-by-side comparisons of products versus competitors, and more.

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Who Doesn’t Love Clean Data?


With the use of Convergence Data’s data services, your organization will be able to leverage its information all while enriching it at the same time. Our team provides a “best-in-class” schema for all your parts that will clean your data and allow it to do more. 

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