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Our team of experts can clean up your existing product photos using our seven in-house image services, providing a more efficient experience on your internal PLM and PIM systems, within marketing materials, and on your ecommerce website. Learn more about each of the listed services in the examples below.

HVAC Double Stage Vacuum Pump (1)

Clipping Path


A clipping path is a closed shape used to cut out a flat image in an editing software. Anything inside the shape will be included after the clipping path is applied—anything outside the path will be cut from the final product.

Convergence Data’s clipping path services are for extracting objects or people from still imagery, typically manipulating the image by changing or removing backgrounds.



Resizing is altering the size of an image file. Resizing a photo can help it fit the constraints of its final destination, be it a parts management system or ecommerce website template.

Convergence Data’s resizing image services will change the size of your images to best suit your specific needs.

evolution variable speed heat pump (1)
Big-Airflow-Cross-Flow-Fan-AC-220V-for-Refrigerator-Cross-Blower....     Fan-Heater-Tower-Fan (1)

Shadow and Watermark Removal


The purpose of our shadow and watermark removal service is to remove unwanted elements from images (i.e. shadows behind a product, watermarks from an outside source). This service is preferred by most customers in order to avoid copyright disturbances.

Application Images


Our application image service helps us meet specific customer requirements for showcasing the true application of a product—usually by removing an image’s background to draw the eye to the product or part without distraction.

HVAC Plastic Heater Blower Motor... WITH ABS wFan CagE (1)
Commercial-Scroll-Air-Conditioning-Compressors (1)

Thumbnail Image


Thumbnail images are used for previews and/or indicator icons. Well-curated thumbnail images improve efficiency and enable a better user experience, no matter the platform.

Convergence Data can help you create thumbnail images for any of your parts and products to eliminate confusion on ecommerce websites or within internal databases.

Image Extraction


Complex data sets, manufacturers’ assets, and product brochures often contain rich product imagery, but with unnecessary components.

Using our image extraction service, our team creates new images by cropping them from other sources, like data sheets and brochures, to make for more concise viewing.

4-Way Multipoise Condensing Gas Furnace (1)

Image Formatting


When the specific format of your image is not supported by the software you’re using, it can create a cumbersome roadblock. Convergence Data will convert image files to any format output our customers require. For example, an image may start out as an HEIC, but we’ll reformat it into a JPG or PNG.


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