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Convergence Data is a one-stop software and service company for all your technical data needs. Our proprietary software and time-tested processes eliminate the clutter in your data—so you can finally use it to make sound business decisions.

Cleaner Data Drives Better Results

We scale projects through our 200-person data services team and provide data integration services for your company’s unique applications. Here’s how it works:


    • We consolidate your disorganized or siloed data and store it in our classification database. 
    • We can extract helpful information from existing data to fill in the blanks
    • We validate your data through our optimization tools.
    • Finally, we publish the cleansed data into your PLM, PIM, or other destination.
Make Your Data Work Harder

Our Data Management Solutions

For 20+ years, Convergence data has been making it easier for teams to find and reuse parts, expose costs savings in parts spend, provide side-by-side comparisons of products versus competitors, and more.


Data Services

We’ll clean, validate, normalize, and enrich your data set for a number of outputs—PLM completeness, PIM organization, back-end ecommerce readiness, and more. From there, we’ll help you set data governance policies to create lasting continuity in your information. Best of all, you choose the level of hands-on support you need. In our line of work, it’s never one-size-fits-all.

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Competitive Intelligence

Our Competitive Intelligence solutions create a marketing database that shows side-by-side comparisons with your competitors to expose gaps in critical features or entire product lines. Our SmartTeardown tool gives you the ability to customize your database for the intel that’s most important to you.


Capture Competitive Intelligence


Design For Retrieval™

Design For Retrieval™ (DFR) is a custom-built software that provides a one-stop solution for cleansing, enriching, validating, and managing your data to leverage built-in analytics tools. Make strategic business decisions about your parts and processes with Convergence Data’s DFR software.


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Image Services

Use our Image Service solutions to resize, touch up, extract, or provide new images for your product catalog, ecommerce website, and marketing materials.


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Transforming Technical Data for More Than 20 Years

Our Clients

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients. We transform technical data from inconsistent and incomplete to organized and efficient.

Explore How Convergence Data Can Work For You

Who We Serve

Since 2001, we have been providing our clients with the enriched product data that was missing from their business execution.

Varied Industry Experience

Our diverse industry specializations include aerospace and defense, automotive and industrial products, HVAC, electronics, and oilfield and gas services.

Data Management for Marketing

Let Convergence Data cleanse and optimize your PIM system's data for a digital marketing strategy.

Parts and Product Data for Engineers

Get enriched and more accurate parts data to optimize your PLM software for part reuse and cost savings.

Your Data, Enhanced for Ecommerce

Dominate your market with an ecommerce web presence that offers highly organized, accurate product data—enhanced with helpful images.

Have Questions?

Get Answers From Our Data Experts

Still wondering how Convergence Data can help you? Read on to discover answers to top questions.

What value does Convergence Data bring?

The value for classification extends across functional groups. Engineers can find parts more easily. Sourcing can manage their purchasing spend better with better pricing and fewer suppliers. Product management can sell more service parts online with better part descriptions.

Why is classifying new parts a worthwhile first step?

Setting up a parts governance program that requires all new parts to be properly classified is an excellent starting point for your company’s data management. This first step eliminates the data quality issues at the source. To allow your engineers to find existing parts or assist sourcing with managing direct material spend, you will need to classify your legacy data. Begin with the high-priority part groups first to drive the most value.

What do we need to provide as input to the classification process?

To obtain the most value early in a parts classification project, start with your purchased parts. You’ll just need the manufacturer’s name and part numbers to start the process. If you don’t have this information, your suppliers can likely provide it. This “quick win” sets up your team for more success as you dig deeper into your data.

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Extract More Value Out of Your Enterprise Systems With Improved Parts Data.

Download our Classification Project Kickoff eBook for details on project roles, a project schedule, and an entire training plan for your company to cleanse its data the right way.

What Our Clients Have to Say


Convergence Data helps its customers collect, humanize, and validate their data by eliminating clutter to optimize their engineering and marketing outreach.

Convergence Data was able to "pick up the pace" in critical and urgent situations.
Project Manager


Convergence Data's DFR tool is very useful for providing a staging environment for data harvesting, data validation, and approvals. 

EPMO Manager


Great tools! Love the constant improvement Convergence Data is always making.
IT Manager


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