Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing is our Forte!

Convergence Data’s refined process for cleansing data allows us to deliver 20k-50k parts/month and prices as low a dollar a part!

Our data cleansing has several levels of quality control, including a 100% quality review.

Immediate access to the cleansed data via Design for Retrieval. With DFR the client can be integrally involved with the data cleansing process:

  • Search and compare items using SmartFind
  • Normalize attribute values based on company standards
  • Monitor items throughout the quality control workflow
  • Generate custom descriptions
  • Analytics to search for duplicates and trends
  • Federate data to enterprise wide business systems (ERP/PLM/CAD)

Click here to see a DFR Data Cleanup Case Example

Converge Data is offering new pricing for data cleansing. Data cleansing depending upon the data quantity can be as low as $1/part. Schedule a consultation to obtain an estimate for your next data cleansing project

Clients have access to DFR and can participate in the data cleansing and quality review

Our Data Cleansing Process

  1. Customer Parts: Parts received from Client.
  2. Extract, Cleanse, Enrich, Quality Assurance: Part data is extracted, cleansed, enriched, and quality controlled.
  3. Data Review: Data is available in DFR for client review and enhancement.
  4. Quality Assurance: Parts and categories are put into a lifecycle for review and client approval. Any parts not “Approved” will be reviewed and updated appropriately.
  5. Export: After Parts are “Approved” and all Policy Manager Rules are satisfied, parts are exported.

Data Value Analysis

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Our Brochures

Corporate Overview Brochure
2 page description of our companies capabilities, services, tools and data cleansing methodologies.

DVA Brochure
2 page brochure describing how we analyze and profile a customer's data and estimate a business case improved data would provide to your company using our analytical and reporting tools.

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