Data Services

Realize Optimum Value from Decision Support Initiatives

The decisions that ultimately drive the performance of your company can only be as good and reliable as the data that supports them. Too many catalog, master data management, and business intelligence initiatives simply dump static data into a common repository. This causes significant short term and long term issues because:

  • Data must be complete
  • Data must be timely
  • Data must be appropriately architected to simplify use and maintenance
  • Data needs and sources change over time

Recognizing the critical nature of data architecture and access, Convergence provides data services to help our customers realize the optimum value from decision support initiatives ranging from standard parts catalogs to company business intelligence.

Data Model Development

Robust Data Models serve as the "common language" for more rapid and improved decision making. Convergence will work with you to develop a model that describes your products, parts, assets and services through the development of a Classification schema. We will help guide you in the development and modeling in Convergence’s Design for Retrieval (DFR) solution of an agreed upon hierarchy of categories and subcategories as required for facilitating your cross organizational decision making processes. Together we will derive the detailed data model of attributes, attribute properties, inheritance, data types (e.g. such as string, numeric, Boolean, etc.), units of measure and, as required, specific allowed values to completely define your categories of items to the required depth of granularity. This data model is the foundation that will allow you to create clean, accurate and consistent data that will make searching for your parts both effective and efficient.

Classification & Attribute Manager

  • Taxonomy Management
  • Category Attribute Properties
  • Multi-dimensional Name Space

Data Conversion / Migration

It is common for companies to have existing data that is located in multiple disparate databases and legacy applications, as well as embedded within documents such as specifications or even employees excel spreadsheets. Convergence leverages its migration competency to migrate this information into a consistent data format within a common data model using our DFR content management application. We have expertise in migrating data models, part meta-data, item relationships, category and attribute properties, numeric data in multiple Unit of Measure (UOM) formats, etc.

Item Loader

  • Item and Attribute Data
  • Validations and diagnostics
  • Multi-dimensional Name Space

Data Enrichment and Validation

Many companies suffer from data that is incomplete and/or inconsistent. It needs to be cleansed and enhanced to ensure that maximum decision making business value can be derived from it. CDS employs a number of cleansing and validation tools and processes to ensure complete and consistent data.

Data Developer

  • Data Cleansing; Data Maintenance
  • Custom Validations; Data Errors

Data Integration

Data is dynamic. It changes over time. Furthermore, , key data that must be present to enable sound decision making increasingly exists outside of the four walls of your company. Examples of these ever evolving types of external data include:

  • Lifecycle data such as lifecycle stage and years to end of life
  • Counterfeit & quality data and alerts
  • Compliance and hazmat data e.g. for REACH and RoHS

Recognizing this, Convergence provides tools and processes to integrate the item classification and attribute model with your legacy systems (e.g. ERP, PLM, etc.) as well as making it easy to enhance your data with supplemental data from other sources. Convergence works with third party content providers such as Information Handling Services (IHS) to assist with such data enhancement.

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