SmartFind - Quickly Find Items with Attribute and Category Searching

SmartFind is a web based search and reporting application that works on top of the DFR core data management application. SmartFind offers rapid attribute and category search capabilities as well as an ability to navigate across item relationships. Additionally, our architecture allows SmartFind users to read changes within the DFR database in real-time. Special features also allow users to query lists of items and to save queries for refreshing at any time. This capability allows users to avoid the use of out of date Excel files to drive decision making. Where special manipulation of data is required, SmartFind queries may be easily exported, e.g. to Excel, for further processing. SmartFind handles complex unit of measure conversions, normalizing the data on the fly.

The Primary features in SmartFind include:

  • Search via classification or taxonomy structures
  • Search by attribute filters including operators e.g. ranges, ignore, greater, less than, etc.
  • Save your search configurations as templates locally or share them globally
  • Retrieve your search results in a few seconds while searching against millions of items
  • Custom queries using SQL views (e.g. Part to Vendor to Organization)
  • Typical search features include: find similar, compare and detailed item views
  • Easily navigate multiple item relationships
  • Displaying costs, rolling up cost data and managing currencies
  • Displaying multiple images and videos including rotating and magnifying images


SmartFind is an web search application that runs SQL queries against a DFR read-only database. SmartFind is also capable of showing changes made in DFR real-time, when dynamic changes are enabled. Smart is a read-only search engine.

Hardware & Software Requirements

SmartFind Server Minimum System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or newer
  • DFR Server
  • Oracle client drivers provided by customer (10g to 11g) - (DFR Oracle database only)
  • Microsoft IIS 7.0 or newer
  • Microsoft .NET framework v4.0
  • 4 gigabytes free RAM
  • 50 megabytes free disk space per SmartFind installation
SmartFind Client Minimum System Requirements:
  • IE version 7.0 or higher

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