Convergence Data Services Products

Collect, Organize, Cleanse and Publish!

Convergence builds their software products with both the end user and required tasks in mind. What separates Convergence from other solutions is how we manage these areas: security, concurrency, data integrity, and data lifecycle management.

Though our software is very easy to use, there are several checks and balances in place to keep our users working effectively as well. When building software, we think of the user and what they have to do first.

Design For Retrieval (DFR)

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Our Brochures

Corporate Overview Brochure
2 page description of our companies capabilities, services, tools and data cleansing methodologies.

DVA Brochure
2 page brochure describing how we analyze and profile a customer's data and estimate a business case improved data would provide to your company using our analytical and reporting tools.

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