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We understand how rapid technology advances, especially in the electronics industry. Items from microchips to washing machines contain more capability and capacity than ever before. We see electronic manufacturers not only create advanced products, but plenty of additionally designed components to go along with them. Often, needed components are unnecessary to create and already exist elsewhere, but development teams can't locate them. The result is a proliferation of excess parts and components.

This can cost your organization a lot of money, time, compliance issues, quality issues and loss of customers. Our goal is to equip electronic manufacturers facing these challenges with powerful software solutions. We help ensure you see complete and accurate component data, up-to-date information and recommendations by your procurement group. Convergence Data can make it easy to find the right component to meet material compliance and lifecycle requirements. We integrate with content partners, like IHS, and can federate cleansed data to eCAD libraries.

These kinds of capabilities allow strategic component reuse strategies, simple component revision processes or proper access for development teams to complete projects on-time and under budget. These scenarios and more are possible with Convergence Data.

We invite you to review how our solutions have been deployed, by whom and what some have to say.