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Long Term Relationships

Convergence Data builds long term relationships with its customers. Typically our customers require tools and solutions to help with new data initiatives each year, which keeps us engaged and focused on our customer’s requirements. Convergence Data’s capabilities are applicable to different industries, including; Aerospace and Defense, Automotive and Industrial Products, Electronics, Oilfield and Gas services.

Baker Hughes - Convergence Data Services

Baker Hughes had us conduct data analysis of a single product line to help demonstrate the value of cleansed part data to manage inventory costs.

Convergence Data helped develop their third party content management strategy to support their new enterprise search tools, which supported their preferred part re-use programs.

Boeing - Convergence Data Services

Boeing leveraged the CDS toolset to upgrade their i2 legacy CSM solution so that they could have more robust, easy to use software supported by regular maintenance updates. CDS worked with IHS to provide them more integrated data solutions for electronic components lifecycle and compliance updates.

Similar Prices for Similar Parts - Alton Sanders - Boeing Research & Technology

Novellus - Convergence Data Services

CDS helped Novellus classify and cleansed common buy items shared across their business, federating approved data into their Windchill PDM solution. CDS hosted their DFR database that supported a small data cleansing team in India to complete this work.

NASA - Convergence Data Services

Convergence helped develop their part data strategy and business case for using our software to solve critical business issues; e.g. PLM integration.

Northrop Grumman - Convergence Data Services

Northrop Grumman uses DFR and SmartFind for locating and re-using preferred parts, saving many millions, year over year.

Learn more about Northrop Grumman’s experience

PSMC - Parts Standardization Presentation 2013 - by Richard Rhyne

Weatherford - Convergence Data Services

Oilfield Services companies, like Weatherford, use our classification software, saving millions in duplicate part and inventory costs.

Weatherford Presentation “Save a Boat Load of Cash with Classification” - Lewis Lawrence

Weatherford Article “Attribute Enriched Data is Critical for Supply Chain Collaboration” - Virgil Vincent and Richard Turner

Weatherford - Convergence Data Services

Whirlpool utilizes Convergence Data's software tools as part of their business strategy, keeping them #1 in their industry sector.

PTC Conference Presentation - Material Cost Reduction Approach to PLM Value - By Dana Nickerson, Whirlpool Corporation

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2 page description of our companies capabilities, services, tools and data cleansing methodologies.

DVA Brochure
2 page brochure describing how we analyze and profile a customer's data and estimate a business case improved data would provide to your company using our analytical and reporting tools.

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